New and Updated Pages

I have added 4 new pages:

Clausen Peden Remembers includes 6 pages of memories written by Clausen Peden.

Photos of Belen includes a photo of downtown Belen, date unknown, and a photo taken just before a hanging.  If anyone can provide further information on these two photos, please contact me.

Pharmacist includes the names of two druggists found in the 1910 census.

Marks Police Department includes a photo of The Whittling King of Quitman County.

Updated pages include:

The Legal Profession in Quitman County:  Attorneys and Judges have been updated.

Law Enforcement Officers:  Marshals and Sheriff have been updated.

Education in Quitman County:  Teachers have been updated.

Health Care in Quitman County:  Physicians have been updated.

Religion in Quitman County:  Clergy has been updated.

Court:  County Tax Assessor and Collector

Justice of the Peace has been updated.

Mississippi flag; photo by Richard Threlkeld on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

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All Rights Reserved with Full Rights Reserved for Original Contributor


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