C. E. Barham, 2nd Mayor of Marks

Paul William Calvert, Mayor of Crowder 1972-1984

John Addison Cooper, Mayor of Belen

William Arthur Cox, 1st Mayor of Marks

W. M. Donaldson, 3rd Mayor of Marks
(It was during Mr. Donaldson’s administration that the first sidewalks, street improvement and sewerage systems were installed, and about $10,000 was spent in improvement of the water works.  He is also credited with bringing the town out of debt during its early life, and placing its finances in a favorable condition.)

H. S. Ellison, Mayor of Lambert

Thomas J. Gee, 4th Mayor of Marks, assumed office January 1919

Dr. H. D. Glass, 1st Mayor of Lambert

Ross Caradine Ingram, Mayor of Lambert

Mark Perrin Lowrey, Mayor 1915-1916

J. W. Mack, Mayor of Marks

O. M. Prater, Mayor of Lambert

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