Quitman County Sheriff’s Office
233 Chestnut Street
Marks, Mississippi  38646
Phone 662-326-3131
Fax 662-326-9550

Ben Gray Barringer, the youngest sheriff ever enrolled on the county records (1936)

Charles C. Barringer

Joe Blackmon

John Addison Cooper

Robert Frazier, deputy sheriff

Harvey C. Green was sheriff of the county when Betzel was to be hanged, and it is said that the duty involved in this case affected him so much that he appointed Captain N. A. Smith, erstwhile resident, a deputy for a day, so he might “spring the trap.”  Captain Smith had no feeling in the matter and performed the duty according to law.4

Louie Vardaman Harrison, Sheriff 1956-59 and 1968-71

S. S. Hatfield, deputy sheriff

Clint Henderson, Sheriff.  The Cofer trial, 1928-1932, was held during his term in office.  Cofer, with several accomplices, was tried for murdering a man named Truitt, who was in the employ of the United States as a prohibition officer.  Cofer, with his family, lived in Yalobusha County, but plied his trade, bootlegging, all over the surrounding territory.  He discerned or was told, that Truitt was “after him,” so he stepped up on the porch of the man’s home at night, called him out and shot him.  Counsel was selected from the leading law firms of the state, and a hard fight on both sides was made.  The first trial, lasting only a week, was a mistrial; the second trial brought a verdict of conviction, but on being carried to Supreme Court, was reversed.  Then came the tug of war, or legal battle lasting three weeks, and finally ended with Cofer spending his remaining days at Parchman.

G. C. Jones

Gene Manser, deputy sheriff

Thomas Philey McArthur, Sheriff

Oliver Parker, Jr.

James F. Phipps, Sheriff

J. T. Phipps, 1st Sheriff

Henry Richardson, Deputy Sheriff

William Venoy Turner, Sheriff 1904-1907

Joseph Bigger White, Sheriff, 1896-1899

Terry Williams, Jr., Deputy Sheriff

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