Aldridge, John W., US Marine Corps WWII

Allen, J. H., PVT, 973 QM SRV CO, WWII

Allen, Warren L. “Boots”, TEC 4 US Army WWII

Alston, Thomas W. “Tom”, US Navy, WWII

Arendale, Edward Eugene, Pvt. US Army WWII

Arnold, Harold Dean, Mississippi S Sgt 864 AAA AW BN CAC WWII

Ashby, Carl, US Navy WWII.  He was at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

Ashworth, Harvey L., F1 US Navy WWII

Askew, Sr., Lee, WWII

Atkins, Royce Gilbert, S1 US Navy WWII

Atkinson, Wilbert, US Army Air Corps WWII

Bailey, James William, US Army, WWII

Barlow, Kelly C., SSG US Army, Korea, Vietnam

Bell, Billy Joe, US Army, Vietnam

Bell, Bobby Joe, US Army

Birmingham, Marvin Donald, US Army Vietnam

Bittle, Troy B., Mississippi US Army PFC 172 Inf. 31 Div. WWII

Blalock, Hill, 11th Armored Division, 3rd U. S. Army, WWII

Bonner, Frank Bea, S2 US Navy WWII

Boyd, J. W., Mississippi Pvt. 326 AAF BU WWII

Boyd, Kerry, PFC US Army WWII

Bright, Jr., Leon Alvin, BM1 US Navy WWI

Brooks, George

Brown, Theodis, Sgt.  He died September 6, 1997 in Bosnia.

Brown, William David “Bo”, US Army, Vietnam

Brunt, James B., Mississippi Pvt. 328 FA BN 85 Inf. Div. WWII

Bryant, Roger Earl, Georgia S Sgt. Co. A 133 Inf. TNG BN WWII

Burt, George L., PFC US Army WWII

Coleman, Jr., Arthur, CPL US Army Vietnam, Killed in Action

Collins, Harold Douglas “Doug”, US Air Force

Cook, Thomas Jefferson, US Marines, Korea

Cooper, Jr., Connis Hubert, WWII, U. S. Navy

Cordel, Charles R., Mississippi PFC Infantry

Cotton, Darnell, US Army, Vietnam

Covington, John Ivan, Vietnam Veteran

Covington, Capt. John Whitman, Pilot A.A.C.  Brief, brave and glorious was his young career.

Cox, Cecil Vester,  US Army WWII

Cox, Emmitt, PFC US Army WWII

Cox, Glenn Edward, WO1 US Army Vietnam

Cox, James E., Mississippi PFC 121 Sta Hosp WWII

Cox, Kenneth Alvin, PFC US Army WWII

Cox, Odie P., Mississippi CPL 2519 Base Unit AAF WWII

Craig, John H., US Navy

Dancy, Laverne, US Air Force

Darby, Hubert Preston “Toy”, WWII

Davidson, Jessie W., CPL US Army WWII

Davis, Herman Wayne, WWII

Dean, Robert W., LTJC US Navy WWII

Dear, Jr., Edgar L., Sgt. US Army, WWII

Denton, Paul Wilkins, Lt. US Coast Guard, 1942-1946

Douglas, Gertrude, Pvt. US Army WWII

Dover, Bobby Glen, PFC US Army Vietnam

Dover, Ronald Eugene, SP4 US Army

Edwards, III, James S. “Jim”, Sgt. US Army

Elliott, Louis Thomas, Pvt. US Marine Corps

Eubank, Sr., Ethan W., CPL US Army WWII

Fitch, Jr., William D., Mississippi 2 Lieut. 712 AAF Bomb Sq. WWII

Floyd, Sam P., World War II Marine Corps

Fortner, James Loyd “Goat”, 340th Engineers Army Air Corp, WWII and Korea

Fortner, Joe Edward, U. S. Army, WWII

Fortner, Ottice Neal, CPL U. S. Army, 10th Armored Division, WWII

Frieson, Willie, ST 3 US Navy WWII

Gartin, John Thomas, US Navy WWII

Gates, Edwin Parker, Air Force, WWII

Gerrard, Byron, Mississippi PFC 1415 SVC Comd. Unit WWII

Gill, William R., PFC US Army WWII

Golden, Jr., Ozell, US Marine Corps Vietnam

Gore, Carver, CPL US Army WWII

Gore, Jr., Ney M., WOJG US Army WWII and Korea

Gore, Jr., Teay Notley, CPL US Army WWII

Green, Jr., Robert L., Mississippi, 1 Lieut. 871 AAF Bomb Sq. WWII

Greene, Howard Earl, A2C US Air Force

Griffis, Sherman N., S1 US Navy WWII

Harrison, James Lewis, Maj. US Army WWII and Korea

Hathcock, Henry Eugene, PFC US Army

Henry, Goly Rice, LCDR US Naval Air Corps WWII

Herring, Woodrow W., Tec 5 US Army

Hodges, Claudeus Leon, Cox US Navy WWII

Homel, Haywood Lee, Tenn. PFC Artillery USAR

Horton, Eli Estes, Tec 5 US Army WWII

Howard, Horace Wayne, U.S. Army WWII

Huddleston, Leon C., PFC US Army WWII

Huffstickler, Joel M., WWII Army

Inman, Floretta M., HA1 US Navy WWII

Jamison, Burt Alfred, T Sgt US Army WWII

Jefferson, Eddie Lee, Sgt. US Army WWII

Jenkins, Renza Ray, Pvt., U. S. Army, WWII

Jennings, V. J., PFC US Army Cox US Navy

Jones, Jesse Eugene, Tennessee SP4 525 MIL Police Co.

Jones, Sam, PFC US Army WWII

Jones, Wilburn L., WWII Army

King, Jimmie, US Army, Vietnam

Knott, Orville A., S Sgt US Army WWII

Koger, Joseph M., Mississippi Mech. U. S. Army, WWII

Leath, Harvey Arnold, Sgt US Army WWII

Long, T. J., PFC US Army WWII

Lowe, Elmer Wallace, US Army, Korea

Lucas, Wallace, US Army WWII

Mangrum, Jr., James Arthur G., SN US Navy Vietnam

Manser, Gene, US Army, 28th Reconnaissance Troop (Mech) of the Mississippi 28th Infantry Division, WWII

Martin, Johnnie L. O., MS Pvt. US Army WWII

Matthews, Arthur C., BTCC US Navy

Maxcy, Jr., Paul R., Mississippi PFC 359 Inf., WWII.  He died for his country.

McAfee, George A., PFC, US Army, WWII

McArthur, Robert, Mississippi Captain 319 GLI FA BN 82 Div. WWII

McCray, Jr., Willie, PFC US Army Korea

McCullum, Devois, US Army WWII

McFarland, Homer, CPL Army Air Forces WWII

McKay, C. L. “Buddy”, U. S. Army

McKibben, Charles G., Mississippi Sgt US Army WWII

McKibben, James T., PFC Army Air Forces

Meeks, Edwin Lewis, Pvt. US Army

Merrell, Sr., Dorsey M., World War II

Metcalf, Claudie, PFC US Army Vietnam

Mills, D. A., U. S. Army, WWII

Mills, Ray Allen, PFC US Army WWII

Moore, Eddie, L CPL US Marine Corps

Moore, James Cornelius, PFC US Army

Morris, Howard A., TEC 4 US Army WWII

Morris, Jr., John W., CPL US Army WWII

Morrison, James Edwin “Eddie”, US Army, Vietnam

Moorman, Bobby Darrell, Captain, US Air Force, Vietnam

Neal, James C., Pvt US Army WWII

Neal, Michael Taylor, US Air Force

Neloms, Jerry Lewis, US Army

Newsom, William Henry, Mississippi S2 US Navy WWII

Nobles, Frederick W., Mississippi PFC 9 Infantry WWII

O’Neal, Howell, S Sgt. US Air Force WWII

Owen, Sr., Charles Russell, Navigator with the 13th Air Force in the Pacific,  WWII

Pang, Billy L. K., CPL US Army Air Corps WWII

Payne, Jerry, Cpl. US Marine Corps, Persian Gulf

Pearson, Lester Barton, Pvt. US Army WWII

Pennington, Jr., Banks B., CPL US Marine Corps. WWII

Phillips, James W., Mississippi Pvt. 41 Inf.

Pickens, Loyd, Mississippi PFC Co B 318 ENGR Comb at BN WWII

Pickett, George R., Mississippi Pvt. US Army WWII

Pierce, Thomas R., PFC US Army WWII

Pollock, Jr., Millard H., U. S. Marine Corps, WWII

Province, Samuel J., PFC US Army WWII

Pruett, Carnies D., PFC US Army WWII

Pugh, James Lamar, Mississippi M Sgt US Marine Corps WWII

Rayford, Tommy Lee, PFC US Army Korea

Renfro, Elmo M., US Army

Respess, Hubert Lee, Sgt. U. S. Army, WWII

Richardson, Luther C., PFC US Army, WWII

Richardson, Jr., Mitchell Lawrence, Tec 5 US Army WWII

Roberts, J. W., Mississippi Sgt. 1045 AAF Base Unit WWII BSM-PH

Robinson, Felix, Mississippi PFC 1468 SVC Co WWII

Robinzine, Johnie C., PFC US Army WWII

Rodgers, Carl Eugene, Mississippi SP3 US Army

Rodgers, Ruben Edward “Son”, S1 US Navy

Sanders, Scott Edward, S Sgt US Army WWII

Sanford, Bobby S., Mississippi Staff Sgt. 391 Bomb Sq AC

Sanford, Paul H., M Sgt. US Army WWII, POW

Self, Everett M., Mississippi Pvt. 359 Inf. 90 Inf. Div. WWII

Self, William W., Mississippi Pvt. 132 Inf. WWII

Shaw, Gillespie Young, PFC US Army, Korea, Bronze Star Medal

Shields, James Cooper, S1 US Navy WWII

Simmerman, Jessie James, Army

Simpson, Thomas C., PFC US Army WWII

Smith, Arthur William, PFC US Army Korea

Smith, Clayton Bishop, Navy

Smith, George Arnold, Air Force

Smith, R. T., PFC US Army Korea

Smith, William, SP3 US Army

Spears, Hubert, US Army WWII

Spears, Hugh Edward, US Army Vietnam

Spencer, Jerry F., S Sgt US Army Vietnam

Stanford, James Edward, MM1 US Navy WWII

Stark, John B., Pvt. 9 Inf. 2 Div., WWII

Stedman, Peg Grayson, ASN 34 276 206.  At rest–Italy

Stedman, Sam V., Miss. Tec 5 214 Mil. Police Co. WWII

Sweargen, Jr., Green David, US Army

Taper, Moses, Pvt. US Army WWII

Taper, Sank, Mississippi Tec 5 US Army WWII

Tedford, Paul W., 1st Lieutenant, WWII.  Died in North Africa.

Terry, Hubert, Mississippi Sgt. 17 Inf. 7 Inf. Div.

Thomas George Elbert, Mississippi EM2 USNR WWII

Thompson, Anderson, Mississippi Pvt 3169 QM Service Co WWII

Thompson, Robert L., U. S. Army, Vietnam

Tillman, Yvonne, SSG US Army

Towery, Connie L., Mississippi S1 USNR WWII

Trevilion, Jr., Ellis A., Mississippi 2 Lieut. 255 Inf. 63 Inf. Div.

Wagner, Dan L., Pvt. US Army WWII

Wagner, Edwin G., Mississippi S Sgt US Army WWII

Ward, George Donald, Mississippi S2 USNR WWII

Ware, George Whitaker, Maj. US Army WWII

Warner, William M., Mississippi Cox USNR WWII

Warrington, Josh, Mississippi Aviation Cadet Army Air Force, WWII

Watson, Edward Taylor, Mississippi Tech 5 HQ Btry 396 Armd FA BN WWII

Weeks, Luther, US Army WWII

White, Cecil Mitchell, CPL US Marine Corps

Whitehead, John W., Mississippi Pvt. 1 CL 359 AAF Base Sq

Williamson, Clinton, US Army, WWII

Willis, Prentis, CPL US Army Korea

Windless, Charlie, Pvt. US Army

Windless, Matthew, Tec 5 US Army WWII

Windless, Samuel, PFC US Army WWII

Wilson, James E., SC2 US Navy WWII

Young, Joseph E., Mississippi Pvt. 359 Fighter GP AAF WWII

Young, Lawrence W., Mississippi 2D Lt. 224 Base Unit AAF WWII AM

Young, Moses A., Mississippi Tec 5 572 Engr Dump Trk Co.

Young, Robert Lee, PFC US Army WWII

This list was taken from cemetery headstones.

Image of U. S. Flag Provided by Alpha Coders 

Photo of my Uncle Glen at the Memorial on the Courthouse grounds was provided by my cousins at Facebook.

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