Elbert Cecil Black, attorney for Board of Supervisors

Edward Everett Boone, attorney for Board of Supervisors

Richard Montgomery Boone, Jr.

William Arthur Cox

Partee Lovelace Denton, county attorney (nephew of Judge M. E. Denton)

William Marion Donaldson

H. T. Edwards

Thomas J. Gee, county attorney (1916-1917)

W. F. Gee, attorney for Y. & M. V. R. R.

Teay Notley Gore

W. E. Gore

Frances Marion Hamblett

Henry J. Harwell

Lomax B. Lamb

James A. Leathers

Mark Perrin Lowrey, county attorney 

James W. Mack, attorney for Board of Supervisors

Jimmy Miller, County Prosecuting Attorney

Brenda F. Mitchell, District Attorney

Arthur A. Pogue

Robert Roy, Board Attorney

Thomas Moses Shelton

C. E. Slough

C. E. Standifer

J. Deck Stone

Van Dorn Stone

Eugene Thompson

Thomas Carter Williams

Thomas J. Williams

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